The right to learn, anywhere.

Education has a profound impact on people’s lives but not everyone can access it. We’re working to change that for young people around the world.

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As a social enterprise, we are committed to doing good in the world. It’s why we started out and it’s what drives us every day.

We know that education and training is the key to current and future generations developing the skills they need for sustainable livelihoods. And we know that hundreds of millions of children are missing out on learning.  

That’s why our mission is to empower them to transform their lives by building their capacity through education technology. We are dedicated to meeting the challenge of making technology work safely and effectively so that everyone can learn. We believe in the right to learn, anywhere.

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We're improving education outcomes

Start for free

In 2020, Tonga’s education system was impacted by two emergencies: Tropical Cyclone Harold and the COVID-19 pandemic. In the aftermath of the cyclone, 2000 students had their education interrupted. Working with Tonga’s Ministry of Education and Training, teachers produced 658 homeschooling video lessons, and delivered a homebased learning guide to 400 families. We supported capacity building of teachers, training 362 teachers to effectively use new modes of distance learning.

Our ability to make education technology work
where others can’t sets us apart.

So does our focus on enabling learning while building capacity in educators and communities to use eLearning effectively, empowering generations of change.


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